10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

YT10-Logo-red10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Building a channel from ground up can be difficult, if you are not going to spend any time promoting your videos or channel. In this article i will be showing you different ways to promote your videos or channel outside/inside the YouTube space. Depending on your content and niche will of course affect where you can promote your material, sometimes you want to put as much effort promoting the content as you spend making it.

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#10 – Facebook

The biggest Social Media platform is of course Facebook. While its dropping a lot in relevancy i think creating a channel fan page is very good way to tell your fans “Hey! i made a new video go check it out“. Also hypotethically if you’re channel were to be closed this would be good way to notify your fans whats going on or any other update really explaining if you won’t be making certain videos in certain period.

While it is mostly designed for promoting for your own fanbase, it still has options like “Paid Promotion of the page” but NEVER do that, since those have turned out to be horribly bad and very poor return of investement. You can still go post your videos or channel in comment sections to relevant pages (which are relevant to your niche/content) however pure spamming might bring bad reputation overall.


#9 – Twitter

Continuing with Social Media stuff, while Twitter is smaller than facebook (still pretty big) i think it has actually much better reach and clickrate than Facebook does. Not only it shows all the tweets to followers and doesn’t put the follower behind paywall like facebook does, there is this cool system called hashtags (#) which enables you to promote your content really outside to your fanbase if people are looking up stuff about certain hashtags.

Also if you create content about product, brand or game you can always tweet your video to official company and they might even retweet it and get you some exposure. This can snowball you really heavily, if you have quality content to share. (Hashtags also work in youtube, while not as effective might help out a bit)


#8 – Forums

While forums have shrinked in recent years there are still few big ones for certain niches like gaming, technology and advertising for example. There is few YouTube forums like YTtalk, Socialblade Forums, tubepromotion or DamnLag for instance, which some restrictions let you promote your content. I always advise not to go spam on these forums since you get banned really fast and they might have some restrictions before you can post links to your channel or videos. As i mentioned before, nobody likes a spammer.


#7 – Blogs

Some people like me have ways to promote content via blogs/websites and talking from experience it can be rather powerful trick. Videos get embed all the time or getting shared at news websites or blogs, while Embed views pay less money its still good way to content out there. For instance you have a certain niche video like “How to fix a broken TV screen” it may have lot of other videos in YouTube searches, but perhaps in google itself it may have no competition and lets you get your article ranked high (which includes your video of course). Ive had few cases like this where my youtube ranking for video wasn’t really high, but i got article which included the video really high on google page rank.


#6 – Optimization Tools & apps

While this is somewhat inside YouTube itself i decided to add it on the list. There is bunch of apps and services that have price tag on them or are free, which give you data about your content that you have on YouTube such as when you should be publishing in your video to get majority of subscribers watching videos, how long the videos should be for best viewer retention, which tags / keywords, titles you should use at your videos to get better ranked on Youtube search. There are bunch of services like TubeBuddy, Vidooly, Epoxy or Channelmeter for example.

#5 – YouTube Networks

In the short history of YouTube Networks (MCN) there been few that didn’t really put effort promoting their partners or if they did it usually was for the biggest partners out there. Some networks like Freedom! for instance have run channel spotlight series where they feature some of their partners via their hub channel, some networks like us do feature our partners at the main page of the website and then there is networks who promote people via twitter or facebook perhaps. While this is not something you should totally rely on it can actually be a somewhat decent way to get your name out there bit more.

(Note; In most MCN contracts there isn’t a clause that forces them to promote you, for most part you shouldn’t expect much, however its wise to contact network and ask about it, but some people have decency to lie to get you to sign the contract).


#4 – Paid Promotion

There are few services like Advertising networks like Adwords for instance who can promote your videos and channels exchange for money, while you will be paying for views not for clicks might be bad idea since you might get next to nothing in views. I have to say unless you do a direct deal with a website this can become very expensive project with low profit margins in terms of views and subscribers for your channel. You can also buy shoutouts or small promotion stuff from Fiverr relatively cheap.

#EXTRA –┬áMinds

A New type of a social platform that has in-built promoting tool via point system. You can either get points by browsing or just buy them, this platform also has ways to monetize your content and let followers give tips to you essentially. You can sign up for Minds (Beta) here -> https://www.minds.com/register;referrer=Sugi


#3 – Native YT Advertising

When it comes to YouTube itself there is bunch of stuff that you can do. First and foremost most powerful tool is the thumbnails, if they don’t look very juicy and good people might click your videos they might go with someone else, having big fonts that are really easy to read go long way. Featured content is also important and that really breaks down to four things, first one being actual channel advertisement, which may appear instead of an ad as a trailer what is your channel is a bout (depending which video you choose). The 2nd phase is to use annotions, cards and featured video, which help people to move from video C to video B for example.

Tags, Titles, Descriptions and keywords are very important stuff and you should look around google and services which i listed above for more information getting full benefit from YouTube SEO rankings. Also enabling Channel trailer from menu helps a lot – https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/3026513?hl=en


#2 – Reddit

Almost no matter content what you create, you are very likely to find a subreddit that matches the description. You have anywhere from /r/Science, /r/Games, /r/LetsPlay, /r/Fashion, /r/Music and countless other subreddits where content may be posted. however some of the subreddits may have certain rules like that you can’t make link posts only text ones or there might be other restrictions what the content can be. There is also lot of spam filters so verifying your email will help you a bit bypassing that problem, also you can’t just post all the time new links that will might get you shadow banned and all posts/content you post won’t appear. But with popular subreddits you can really skyrocket super hard, if you have the right niche.


#1 – Collabrations

Most powerful way to get you featured out there is doing a collab with an another channel. While its sometimes hard to get people to agree to do it, i know its possible and it has been succesful for many type of people. Channels like Smosh were able to create kinda spin-off channels due to this technique other example being Yogcast. You can always comment, Direct message or email other channels that you would like to do Collabration with, but there is other ways to find collabrations like YouTube forums mentioned before or service like FameBit which has lot of other YouTubers inside.

Then we have of course YouTube network partners having collabs with each other, easy to find usually via network forums if they happen to have one. I suggest trying to collab with people who are kinda on same size, if you reach out to pewdiepie he will likely say no, since the channel size difference is so huge and other party wouldn’t benefit at all from the collab.