How to Avoid Claims in YouTube

How to Avoid Claims in YouTube

For people who do reviews, live reactions or criticism about Movies, Anime, Tv-series have probably come across lot of claims from different media companies. YouTubers who have researched enough have done necessary precautions to make sure their video falls under Fair Use. Even if the videos fall under fair use you might still get auto-claimed due to system that YouTube uses, however there is ways to avoid Auto-claims by simple tricks i´m going to show you on video.

Manipulating Video

If we are using anime, tv, movie clips on the video we are doing there are ways to avoid the visual content claims by with few simple tricks listed down below! I Suggest using at least two methods to increase success

  • Cropping & Zooming – By removing part of the video from sides will confuse the content claim system slightly, i recommend using a template to make it look smarter (Look the video above) while this is not 100% guarantee it does make a difference.
  • Flipping – When you flip the video left to right might also avoid content ID finding the video, while not being foolproof it still works well if you do it with all other methods, remember this may be bad with subtitles or any type of texts
  • Effects – There is lot of effects that can be used to avoid the claiming system such as using Black & White effect on footage, blurring certain borders of the video or just using any coloring method there is available on your program
  • Overlays & Watermarks – You can use overlays top of the video displayed to avoid random claims appearing top of this you are also able to use any type of text or image. Lastly watermarks might also do the trick, but since they are transparent they may not be so great.
  • Pauses on Clips – If you show for example 10 seconds of the trailer and then show something else you are less likely to get claimed, so in nutshell put the trailer in multiple segments and try to use images, text or your face meanwhile before resuming the clip.

Manipulating Audio

Usually i recommend not using any type of audio from source material when you are doing a review or such, but sometimes when you are doing review/reaction out of music video this is rather required for the video (Note: changing volume up & down won’t do any difference)

  • Trimming – Never use the full song since that is not fair use, for that reason i recommend trimming the song from middle, end and beginning to be shorter
  • Change Pitch – You can make it more nightcore like by changing pitch higher or alternatively you can drop it lower and this won’t trigger the claim effect on the video.
  • Reverb & Echo – Sometimes these two effects may avoid the content ID claim system, but its not 100% guarantee of course
  • Two Songs? – Perhaps playing two songs at same time might cause claiming system malfunction? Especially if you talk top of this, not sure about this one.

How to Avoid Youtube Claims in Youtube aint easy, methods listed above aren’t 100% guarantees to help you out on the matter, but there are cases where they have worked. I do want to say that this article is made purely on subject to help people with Fair Use not ones that are trying to exploit YouTube by uploading Full movies or series there. If you have any questions regarding fair use or claims please let me know in comment section below.