Best Equipment for YouTubers

youtube microphoneBest Equipment for YouTubers

For starting Youtubers out there or people who want to bump up their production value there is lot of cheap & affordable equipment that you can buy. I do wanna start out and say that, if you are a channel that is really small its not always best decision to invest hundreds of dollars and expect more results, most of the time its not the quality of equipment thats keeping people down its the content itself.

Cheap Microphone youtube

Blue Snowball

Almost every YouTuber uses microphone and its probably first and best tool to upgrade first when you want to take things to next level. Starting with one of the best priced and great quality Microphones that being Blue Snowball. What makes it good is the fact that it has its own stand, which keeps it balanced and doesn’t make it fall to the table or floor all the time (i had this issue with my own microphone model). It comes with different colors and has ICE variation that seems to be a little bit cheaper but has few features less


Audio Technica ATR 2500

This is the microphone that i personally own and i can say that the audio quality is really good in this one. It’s bit more expensive than Blue snowball, while its sound quality is great it has one major flaw, which is that mic stand breaks after few months of use (essentially the mic itself is too heavy so the stand can’t hold it) but if you have a the mic hanging in a support thingy this won’t be a problem. I suggest not buying the AT2020 model because it seems similar product without the audio control that ATR 2500 has.


Samson Meteorite

This is the cheapest item on the list when it comes to Microphones. What i like about this one is the fact that it offers flexibility, you can take the microphone ball out of the hold and make it hanging like christmas ball from the ceiling or whatever you choose to do. It also has pretty long USB cable which lets you have some freedom where you want to place the microphone to.

Youtube pop filter

Standard Pop Filter

Even if you have great microphone, its good idea to get a great pop filter, which cancels lot of breathing and other weird noises that you might make with your mouth. Lot of the standard stuff are super cheap and do the job, so you don’t need to go buy most expensive pop filter out there.