Best Recording Software for YouTube

recordBest Recording Software for YouTube

If you want to create great quality videos for YouTube, you have to get good recording software. Some Programs are more lightweight and some take heavier toll on your computer while recording gameplay for instance. I Suggest taking a look at all options and trying out what may work best for you and your computer or device, some of the options will be free and some are behind a paywall.

obs Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

If you are looking into options that are free then OBS is perhaps the best option for you. While it may have some complex settings for people who don’t know much about bitrates and quality control, but there are some great guides out there how to use it. OBS is mainly built for streaming but its extremely good recording tool, because it has lot of options to change quality, resolution, bitrate and FPS of the video you are recording, top of this you can record and stream at same time (Might be heavy on PC however)

  • Tutorial – Coming Soon….
  • Platform – Linux, Mac, Windows 7 and above
  • Price – Free
  • Download –


Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology. Two of its other main features aside recording is Screen Capture Software which lets you take screenshots easily and other one Benchmarking, which means you can see your FPS in whatever game you are playing. The Quality of Fraps video is insanely good, however the files can go easily multiple gigabytes depending on game. There is a trial version out there, which has watermark on it incase you want to try the program before you buy it.

  • Tutorial – Coming Soon….
  • Platform – Windows only (XP, 2003, Vista and Win7)
  • Price – 33€ Includes free Updates (Free Trial)
  • Download

Camtasia Camtasia

While this option may not be the cheapest it also comes with a Camtasia Studio which is a video editing tool. While i don’t have lot of personal experience with this product  i can say that it has rather neat and easy to understand interface. There is multiple different bundles out there for the Camtasia for example you can get it cheaper for MAC than Windows then there is that if you are non-profit company you can get discounts and all that sizzle. Camtasia also offers 30 day trial for the program top of this there is rather neat in-built tutorial when you open it first time.

thumbnail-100x100Screen Recording Suite

This program is advertised as something that record YouTube, Hulu, Netflix screens pretty much and its rather well equipped on normal screen recording with a video on or without one. It also gives option to record Webcam and other recording devices. It also includes a trial for the program, which i would try out since i don’t have personal experience with the program so i can’t tell how well does it work.

  • Tutorial – Coming Soon….
  • Platform – Windows
  • Price – 39,95$ Personal License (Free Trial)
  • Download

This post is work in progress and i will be sharing multiple other Screen recording options for YouTubers whatever its Gameplay or just filming your screen.