Changes to Kensho Network

How Things are going to be Different

There has been new changes set by YouTube Regarding Sub-Networks owned by MCN´s ( to summarize all sub-networks must be closed under all MCN´s, this decision by YouTube cost jobs of thousands people and was rather sad day for the industry. However i was in lucky position to have my network under scalelab and they offered me to be directly under them.

What this basically means is that i will be “Senior Partner Manager” at Scalelab and continue doing my job as i used to help you guys with optimization, promotion, intros etc. – only thing that will really change is the branding. Kensho website will be going overhaul and wont no longer have contracts hosted on the website, 

  1.  Contracts will still they same
  2.  Apps and features on the dashboard are identical in Scalelab one, it just has different logo on top
  3. My personal email will change (Will inform the new one soon)
  4. Twitter & Facebook pages will be renamed
  5. Website will go some overhauling, maybe even new theme & name
  6. Some bigger opportunities may rise for bigger partners 
  7. You will get new referral links

The website will go some changes in upcoming days since it cannot really function in its current form, in future there is going to be more YouTube news and also probably guides and stuff like that is related to YouTube. Of course we still keep doing podcasts probably as well

Thats pretty much the update on nutshell if you have any extra questions please email or direct message at twitter (Alternatively you can leave them on down below).