CSGO Lotto Scandal

CSGO Lotto Scandal

For long time Valve has flown under the radar with their chest system mechanics on Dota 2 and CS:GO, which both are practically gambling however since according to them its not “real” money. Valve allegedly has been working with multiple betting sites and helping them out setup their systems using the steam gifting and other API that may be involved, while some people think that there is nothing wrong with these sites nor with gambling, its still illegal to let kids participate on gambling activities under age.

Today’s story isn’t however about Valve, its about a betting site called CSGO Lotto, which according to sources/evidence given is ran by two big YouTubers; ProSyndicate and TmarTn – there is nothing wrong with owning a business, however when you are making videos about your platform and not closing that you are sponsored or own the service that is practically illegal not only by YouTube’s terms of service but also by Law.

The problem with the case was that Syndicate and Martin where showing how they won lot of expensive loot by the system, but the problem is since they own the site it could be totally rigged. Its not the first time something this like have happened and won’t be the last time. As a rule of thumb always check/veto someone if they are sponsoring service, product or game – some people only worship money not the subscribers