maxresdefaultEverything about YouTube Partnerships

Welcome to our FAQ section where i have assembled generally asked questions regarding YouTube Partnerships and YouTube networks in general. Hopefully this information fills your mind with knowledge, however if it doesn’t you can always comment down below for further questions or send an email to [email protected]

<- Terms & Conditions ->

Everything about contracts and their conditions, also all the legal jibber jabber & content ID stuff

Q: When I become a partner of  Kensho Network, do I lose control or ownership of my channel?

  • No! You retain ownership at all times of your own channel. We believe that the power belongs to the creator alone!

Q: Can I join Kensho Network if i’m partnered with other YouTube Network or Adsense?

  • If you are partnered with other YouTube network you have to leave it first before joining Kensho Network. If you are however using adsense you can join Kensho Network, but that means you can’t use adsense simutaneously with a YouTube network, if you got other channels or websites they can still use adsense. The adsense money balance won’t dissapear or anything and it will stay there.

Q: How Long is the contract with Kensho Network?

  • We have no-lock in contract which means you are able to leave in 30 days after you send us a request to get unpartnered.

Q: Do i have to keep making videos or any other demands when i’m in partnership?

  • We don’t have any sort of ruling regarding how many videos you have to upload in your channel. You decide how much content you do and we won’t interfere with it!

Q: If i want to leave Kensho Network, what do i have to do?

Q: Can Kensho terminate my partnership?

  • We have automatic system that unlinks channels that get two copyright strikes, but people are able to rejoin once they expire long as the content they have on their channel is clean. If a channel conducts illegal views, botting or uploading copyrighted content they will be removed for the partnership.

<- Payments ->

There might be possibility that there will be more payments options in future, subject to change

Q: How do i get paid?

  • You have three different options for payments; PayPal, Direct Transfer (US Only) and Check.

Q: How much do i have to earn to get paid?

  • You only need to make 1$ with PayPal to get paid and 100$ with Check and Direct Transfer.

Q: When do i get paid?

  • For example if you joined in January you will receive January Earnings in first business week of March and February Earnings will be paid on first business week of April and so on.

Q: Where can i set my payment option?

  • You can find it under settings top corner in the dashboard next to your name

<- Requirements to Join ->

We have certain small things you require to have in order to get partnered with your channel.

Q: If i have copyright strikes with my channel can i join Kensho?

  • We don’t accept channels with copyright strikes, so what you have to do is delete the video that had the strike and apply once the strikes expire.

Q: Is there any view requirements to join Kensho Network?

  • You need to have 3,500 views in last 30 days and over 75 subscribers

Q: Can i join if i have 3rd Party content matches in my channel?

  • Yes, you can these are not counted as offences towards YouTube, however you are not able to monetize these videos with 3rd party content matches (in some extreme cases you might get portion of the profits, when it comes to certain music pieces).

Q: Do you accept all types of channels into your network?

  • We do accept everything that doesn’t break copyright laws or certain youtube guidelines, so no matter if you do Vlogs, Gaming Videos, Comedy or Sports related content you can apply to Kensho Network.

<- Common Asked Questions by Partners ->

Just lot of questions that people ask about as partners/potential partners

Q: Where can i access to my Kensho Dashboard?

Q: I can’t login into to Kensho Dashboard?

  • It may take up to ~24h after you accepted the invite from youtube dashboard until you can login. We highly recommend using google account to login not the normal email or facebook, since the google one seems to work best.

Q: Where can i set my payment option?

  • Once you have logged into Kensho Dashboard, click your name on top right corner and choose settings from dropdown menu.

Q: Where can i get access to apps and where can i see my earnings?

  • Everything can be found from dashboards app section and earnigns are also visible there, note that the data is taken from YouTube itself and feeded to our dashboard so there is always that 3-4 day delay with the statistics usually.

If your mind is set you can sign up the Kensho Network contract here. Once you have signed up you should get invite to your YouTube dashboard from ScaleLab and once you have accepted that you should get invite to our beautiful dashboard within 1-2 business days.