Free YouTube Avatars

maru_sampleFree YouTube Avatars

It is very important to have a strong branding in YouTube – the better it is people are more likely going to check your channel out and of course you are going to look much more professional. There is of course few things you need to know about YouTube Avatars before you can start searching or creating one, two important points being that

  1.  It has to be 250×250 or bigger otherwise you are not able to use it.
  2.  It can’t be a GIF or Flash file, it only supports PNG, JPEG, TIF? and JPG
  3.  If its breaking YouTube Terms of Service such as vulgar or sexual content it will be removed and you might get a strike

So if you looking to make an Avatar yourself i recommend checking Gimp out since its free otherwise latest Photoshop if you have money to spend. But we are going to explore some of the options that are free in internet and some cheap options if you want to hire an artist for example.

  • – Lets you upload any picture from your PC – let’s you crop the image, choose special borders and also a custom text that you can place anywhere on the picture with few fonts. You are able to download it on PNG, GIF and JPEG formats
  • – This one lets you generate your own avatar from a palette with multiple different eyes, hairs, eyebrows, mouths, noses and you name it. These are rather cute and cool looking and fill the square space pretty well without leaving empty space.
  • – Is more for people into more cartoony style of character, lot of different choices to choose from. This is rather popular and lot of different people have created avatar via this service in YouTube.

fiverrThen of course some people may not want generator avatars and perhaps something more unique, but don’t have enough money to invest. So we got a cheap option called Fiverr, you basically have everything priced at 5$ and you can get some sweet stuff with that (Some extras will cost more money however). I handpicked few good avatar creators from the website, which i recommend using.

  • Jeromae – Hes doing these pretty cool Sport Mascot logos which look amazing, he is quite popular so he might have more orders in the que, but hes worth the wait.
  • Chris Darke Art – Chris is more specialized in YouTube brands and has done +150 channel avatars so far via from his Fiverr deal. Hes just on different level really..
  • Shiverstewed – This guy is making more casual and realistic cartoon type of avatars than the other two, might be great for Vlog channels.
  • Mashiro787 – If you are looking to get a avatar made out of a real life picture hes your guy.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you found out something useful. If you are looking for YouTube Banners or perhaps YouTube Intros check those links out. There is lot of other cool services that you can find out by joining Kensho Network Today!