Free YouTube Thumbnails

maxresdefaultFree YouTube Thumbnails

Not every YouTuber out there is an perfect artist when it comes to creating thumbnails or banners to their channels. For that reason thankfully there is lot of free & paid services that many people can use to get YouTube thumbnails or templates for thumbnails. Of course there is bunch of channels who don’t use thumbnails at all, but for most part they are one of the leading reasons why their videos get clicked rather than a video without one.

  • Today i mainly want to talk about very good service called ThumbnailTemplates they are 100% free service that shares bunch of new & old gaming thumbnail templates. While Gaming is their main focus they still have bunch of templates that can be used outside of Gaming. However all files are in PSD which means you should get Photoshop to edit the thumbnails. (You can access their service from Kensho Dashboard at Apps section)
  • Other service thats is free image editing website is called PicMonkey, while they aren’t totally free (they got free trial) they have bunch of cool fonts and effects that can make pictures look really cool and you can use them in YouTube. Make sure that the pictures are a resolution of 1280×720 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

Best alternative is of course creating the thumbnails yourself, there is bunch of tutorials in Google & Youtube which really help you get the basics. There is great free programs like Gimp that is okay alternative to Photoshop.

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