Gaming Sponsorships For YouTubers

Gaming Sponsorships For YouTubers

There are bunch of opportunities for Gamers out there if you are looking for sponsorships and affiliate programs to make extra money on the side along with YouTube. If you are looking for other sponsorships outside gaming look here. If there is an affiliate program missing send an email to [email protected] 

Rogue Energy

If you are looking for a Energy Drink that you can promote, rogue energy might be a good alternative for many people who find GFuel too expensive, ideal for eSports & Gaming channels out there. They offer a coupon code for everyone who signs for their affiliate program, which you can give out to your subscribers/fans.

  • Requirements:  None really
  • Payment Options: PayPal
  • Commission: Seems to be 20% per sale
  • Join Now: 

Insane Labz Affiliate

Another service that sells energy supplements with wide variety of different flavors among this they also do sell apparel. There isn’t that much information about these guys in their website regarding the partnership

Mixt Energy Ambassador

Very beneficial Energy supplement ambassador program that has nice commissions and also you get your own Coupon code that gives your viewers 10% Off from their purchase.

Viter Energy

You get lot of benefits with joining Viter Energy such as Free samples of the mints, also to giveaway them too – top of this you will be getting your own coupon code that gives discount from the store to your viewers. Has lot of commitments however in terms of promoting their product.

Maingear Affiliate/Sponsorship

A Big PC seller that has desktop PC’s, Laptops & other PC hardware that they are selling.

Razer Affiliate Sponsorship

One of the most known gaming accessory manufacturers on the planet. While not best on the market, at least highest price, which guarantees pretty good commissions up to 20% from each sale.

  • Requirements:  Not Specified but they expect to have social media following on multiple platforms and probably 4-digit numbers in general
  • Commission: Up to 20% per sale
  • Payment Options: Doesn’t say
  • Join Now:

Steelseries Sponsorship (US)

Old school gaming accessory seller has been around many years now, well known among eSports fans & supporters. Note; this is US Only application

Sennheiser Sponsorship

Perhaps the best gaming related headphone manufacturer on the planet, well they actually do microphones too and other audio products.

Ironside Computers Affiliate

One of the bigger Packet PC companies out there, which also sells laptops. Ironside has worked in the past with Freedom! YouTube network for example to promote their brand.

Corsair Affiliate

If you are looking to sell some Keyboards, RAM, PC Cases, Mouses and pretty much all computer accessories Corsair has lot to offer whatever you are individual or an eSports team.

Cinch Gaming Sponsorship

If you are a console gamer perhaps controllers are more into your alley. Cinch gaming provides custom controllers and paddles for Xbox and PS4. They also provide a custom coupon that will give discount to your subscribers and followers.

Kontrol Freek Affiliate

If you are a console gamer perhaps controllers are more into your alley. Kontrol Freek is one of the biggest players in the field having custom controllers, grips, cable accessories, skins & apparel.

Iconic Controllers Sponsorship

Another Controller shop that sells for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 among the controllers they do sell some accessories such as thumbsticks, cases, handles and more.

BattleBeaver Customs Sponsorship

BBC in short has a lot of variety in their store selling bunch of customized controllers, grips, thumbs and has wide range of different platforms they support, even Gamecube controller is included.

  • Requirements:  Doesn’t say
  • Commission: Doesn’t say 
  • Payment Options: Doesn’t say
  • Join Now:

ModJunkiez Sponsorship

Modjunkiez have a tiered sponsorship system broken down to Bronze, Silver and Gold – after reaching each stage you will get free controllers and other perks. They sell pretty much customized controllers only

Fatal Grips Sponsorship

Fatal has 4 different tiers for their sponsorship; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – some people might get straight to certain tier depending on their stream/channel size. They sell controller cases, Apparel, Grips & other accessories for consoles.

Greenman Gaming Affiliate

One of the bigger Game key seller sites out there. Uses commission junction base for its affiliate tracking and best part is that the whole program is free to join no requirements.

G2A Sponsorship

The Biggest game key website in the market offering an affiliate program called “Goldmine” that has a pyramid structure which lets you gain money from Level 2 and Level 3 affiliates. Also one of the good sides of G2A is their vast system that allows different payment systems.

  • Requirements:  None for Goldmine, getting own coupon might need some sales etc.
  • Commission: ~3% per sale, depends on tier and product
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Transfer & Webmoney
  • Join Now:

Kinguin Affiliate Program

Pretty much 2nd largest key site on the market, Kinguin has similar system to G2A which is tiered on affiliates for Level 2 and Level 3. One of the benefits over G2A is that they sell lot of other programs like Windows keys and non-gaming products more compared to G2A.

Astral Game Servers Affiliate

If you are looking to promote some Game servers for Minecraft, CSGO, Arma, Terraria, Teamspeak, Mumble, Ventrilo, Starbound, DayZ, 7 Days to die and others, Astral might be a good pick for you, they also provide a custom coupon for their affiliates.

AK Racing Affiliate

If you are looking to sell some Gaming Chairs, AK Racing is a good option to go with. While it doesn’t say what are the commission rates and do you get your own chair, usually the commissions hang around ~10% with other chair sellers.

Need For Seat Sponsorship (CA & US)

Probably biggest gaming chair retailer in the market right now having market in both Europe & North America. This sponsorship is only for Canada & USA only, it seems that European one is out of commission for now.

Arozzi Sponsorship

A Swedish based Arozzi sells gaming chairs, among this they also have their own gaming glasses (similar to gunnars) and top of this they are selling gaming desks & microphones too.

Opseat Sponsorship

One of the more known Gaming chair sellers in the market. At the moment this sponsorship program is only for Teams and Streamers that are located in United States

  • Requirements:  For Bronze tier 10,000 Subscribers
  • Commission: 15$ per Chair sold, every 10th chair sold will give you one for free
  • Payment Options: Doesn’t say
  • Join Now:

Jerky XP Sponsorship

Who doesn’t like Beef Jerky? Well i sure do.. These guys are selling Beef jerky with different flavors and you also get your own discount coupon code when you sign up with their sponsorship/affiliate program (if you get accepted that is).

This list is still incomplete and doesn’t contain all gaming sponsorships out there, some inactive ones were left out of the list and also ones i deemed bit too shady to include (I don’t want people lose their money or time) but i will be nonetheless updating this list as time goes by.