How to Get YouTube Play Button

YouTube Play ButtonHow to Get YouTube Play Button

Some of you already probably seen other YouTuber’s gloating around with their Silver Play Buttons or Even Gold ones. Getting these is not a simple task, but atleast there is only one real requirement and that is subscription count, plus you have to have an email and address where Google can send their badges to. But lets explore how you can get Silver, Gold and Diamond badges and what do they entail.

Youtube silver buttonYouTube Silver Button

  • Requirement – 100,000 Subscribers

This is the first button you can get, since there is no Bronze Button existing except in this parody. Once you have reached the number you will receive email from YouTube to your accounts gmail in most cases. You also get letter signed by CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki

How Many People Have it Right now? ~ 19,000 people (December 2015)


YouTube Gold ButtonYouTube Gold Button

  • Requirement – 1,000,000 Subscribers

The Second button you can get is a Gold one, while the image looks same size as silver one but its actually bit larger in size when it comes to the badge and the frame.  Like the silver one you shall receive email by Google and you gotta hand them out your address so they can mail it for you. You also get letter signed by CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki

How Many People Have it Right now?  ~1635 people (December 2015) 



Youtube diamond buttonYouTube Diamond Button

  • Requirement – 10,000,000 Subscribers

The third button is a Diamond one and is rather huge when it comes to size. Only few dozen have it so its rather unique award to have. Diamond Play button is the highest award you can get in YouTube and i heavily doubt they will make a bigger award in future. I’m not 100% sure does it have your name carved somewhere, since i wasn’t able to find any good pictures out of it.

How Many People Have it Right now?  32 people (December 2015)



YouTube Ruby Play Button

Requirement50,000,000 Subscribers?

A Special Ruby button given to Pewdiepie as he reached 50 Million subscribers. Its shaped based on his own logo at his channel, since no one else has received it yet, its hard to say how the others will actually look like.

How Many People Have it Right now?  1 people (May 2017)




On earlier dates YouTube used to give Amazon Giftcards and other stuff with the Play buttons, but it seems they have retired them based on my research on internet. If you have any questions regarding YouTube play buttons, please leave them on the comment section below

(Oh yeah, the Bronze YouTube play button doesn’t exist its fake).