How to Get YouTube Views

How to Get YouTube Views

This is something that gets asked a lot, how to get more views? Well there are multiple ways to do that in YouTube and i am going to list most effective methods among some alternatives that may work well with your niche – but lets remember almost every method requires to put hard work in, the people push out content frequently with high quality are often the ones that succeed.

Niche1) Niche & Content Type – First you have to understand what type of content you want to create and perhaps focus on a niche that might be suitable for your audience/channel. You have to have realistic expectations however, for example Football (Soccer) content is going to always draw more views compared to something like Lacrosse, simply because Soccer is more global sport and has more eyeballs in it.

There are many other factors that play into potential views, such as do you do your content on Specific language other than English/Spanish (Two biggest languages in YouTube) or will the topics be only relevant to your region, country or city for example.

This also applies to Music and Games too since they have different viewerships on different genres for example. Or if you tutorials for Linux instead of windows and so on, i think you get the point already i am trying to make. I´m not saying you should go for the biggest thing, since lot of people are already doing that, there might be some avenues for certain niches where you have no competition and thats where you want to be. Dont pick too small niche, since it may not have enough viewers, even if you would dominate that space. Ask yourself always, has someone else done this already? If they have, ask yourself can i do it better? 

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2) Organic Views – Now that we have the introduction out of the way, we can focus on how to get those YouTube views. If you have lot of videos already made on your channel one of the best ways is to actually optimize your channel. This includes videos & the channel – one of the first steps is to update your About Page.

This space is rather important since it affects the search results, so fill in what type of videos you do (mention the genre) then fill social tabs with your facebook, instagram and twitter. I recommend adding your email to the mix in case sponsors or collaboration opportunities may rise in the future to avoid getting hacked, maybe use different email than the one that is linked to Youtube account. Also translating your about page to different languages going to boost your channel, more precise guide here

Next step is to optimize videos themselves. Descriptions should include social links and text regarding what the video is about and perhaps including the title of the video there too if possible. Tags are also super important and you can get more precise info for good tags with Tubebuddy, which is a program that is rather necessary tool for success if you ask me.

Comments are also somewhat important, also likes so you should always like your own vids and comment on them too, hashtags are also can increase the views on the videos.

how to get youtube views

3) Video Promotion – Some people say you should put same amount of time promoting your content as you did on making the videos, while its not too bad rule of thumb – the case does vary by each channel out there really. There are lot of channels who can´t get organic views that much since lot of people don´t search things they don’t know about, such as your independent movie names or comedy sketches, thats why you have to serve them your content.

The best places really are the social media websites, certain big forums and other niche websites to post your videos at, ive written extensive page here about the subject

In some scenarios partnering up with a network or other service may bring you lot of views too and this is something i recommend if their platform has lot of reach.

how to get youtube views

4) Paid Promotion & Botting – I´m just going to say unless you are huge media company there is no point of paying as a small channel to get your channel promoted, unless you are channel that is perhaps a selling a product, which would make the conversions make sense more financially, but this method is rather unaffectionate and i don´t really recommend it.

Then you have the whole botting aspect and websites that sell you views – these vary from botted views to real views, but for most part they are lying about that the views are real when they are not. You got bunch of people selling this shit on Fiverr and countless other websites, from the money to views standpoint its a bad financial call, not only that getting involved with fake views gets your channel terminated or gets your adsense cut off. You are likely to get caught sooner or later, either by adsense/network or the YouTube staff themselves

How to Get YouTube views isn’t always easy, i recommend looking up multiple different methods and find out ones that suit for you and let you get easy views and subscribers as well. Hopefully this article was helpful and you got a tip or two regarding how to boost those youtube views.