Google Adsense vs YouTube MCN

MCNGoogle Adsense vs YouTube MCN

I often stumble around discussion or questions regarding should you partner yourself with a YouTube Network (MCN) or go directly with Google Adsense. In this article i will be comparing benefits of each other to give people better understanding how everything works with Youtube networks and Google Adsense.

First i’m going to mainly compare the different features that each one have, however since multiple networks offer different things i won’t be diving too much in certain specifics like sponsorships for instance that some MCN’s may offer.

Adsense vs Youtube network

Adsense vs networks

Monetary Differences

So lets start by expanding some facts regarding the monetary aspects of Adsense & Networks. There is lot information that is not open in the public or is rather misinformation from Googles or networks side of things.

  • Advertisement Types – When you use Adsense you have limited choices how long advertisements will play in your videos. Even Adsense does give 100% Revenue share, overall you will be making much less money because you can’t enable those extra adverts and midrolls. Also ive personally never reached ver high CPM’s with Adsense compared to some of the high tier networks in YouTube.
  • Revenue Share – With adsense you will be getting 100% of the creators cut, but like i explained above in the end of the day its likely that playback based CPM and overall earnings will be lower compared to a MCN.
  • Premium CPM – There are few networks out there who can do their own advertisement campaigns and these can have much higher CPM compared to anything that Adsense is offering. There are multiple networks talking about Hight 5-10$ CPM’s, but for most part those are bullshit promises that have no merit. Every network operating in YouTube is using Google to fill the adverts on their channels, so generally CPM won’t differiate between networks as much as they claim.
  • Payment Threshold – I think this has to be Google Adsense’s biggest downside, when you have to amass 70€/100$ that can take multiple months with smaller partners. Of course this varies lot based on where are you located, more info here. As with networks some of the smallest payouts are literally 0.02$, which guarantees you getting paid each month pretty much.
  • Payout Options – There isn’t a single YouTube network that doesn’t have PayPal as payment option, among paypal there are networks who give options like Western Union, Payzaa, Payoneer, Check, Bank Transfer, Webmoney and even Bitcoin. Usually Paypal has 1$ threshold to get paid and rest of them usually vary depending what service it is. As for Adsense they have bank transfer as only option and there is some legal restrictions to that.
  • Payout Date – This varies a lot per network, but Google Adsense always pays first, unless it takes multiple days till money gets wired to your Bank account. Since Google has to pay the network until they can pay you, this makes it that networks can’t really pay faster, unless they use their existing capital (Which they almost never do)
  • Instant Monetization – When you start using Google adsense it doesn’t always let you monetize the video immediatly this can be a huge problem if you are getting lot of views when you upload the video. After while Google Adsense will let you monetize videos instantly, but sometimes it might go some bullshit extra testing before it lets you do that, as for networks everything is instant.

youtube-logo-full_colorAccount Access & Benefits

Important aspect of the networks you sign into is what sort of rights will you be having when you sign the contract or link your channel to their network. Make sure you always read the contracts what they say.

  • Ownership of Channel – When you link your channel you will give certain rights to the network, but for most part these are just analytics and nothing else. This does vary between some of the networks and for this reason its important to read what will you be giving access to. Of course you are able to revoke access from your panel if you want to. As for creative control you should have access to that 99% of time, remember to read what your contract says about that.
  • Verified Status – Some networks are able to give verified status to their channels, Adsense doesn’t help you out in this way at all.
  • Managed Status – There are multiple networks (practically all) that offer managed status for their channels, in nutshell what it means that you can’t get 3rd party claims for your channel and you can monetize everything. Usually there is higher requirements to get managed status on networks, so its totally not easy to reach.
  • Content ID Claims – Adsense and Networks offer the same rights to appeal claims that you might have gotten for your videos, however networks might be able to solve problems faster for you in some cases.
  • Contract Length – With adsense you are always be able to stop monetizing your videos as for networks most of them are No lock-in which mean after 30 days you are able to leave the network and join other network or go back to Adsense. Be extremely wary about signing contracts for anything that is multiple years or months.

WhoBenefits_MasterLogo_blackOutline_500pxWExternal Benefits

I think lot of the negative stigma to Youtube Networks is coming from mostly broken promises. Network promises to promote your content, boost your views, increase CPM or any other promise and they won’t deliver. After this people will be mad and want to leave their network and make rant video on YouTube (There are plenty of those…) However its important to remember that if it doesn’t say in the contract that they will promote you – it usually means that they won’t put in time to smaller channels and just focus on bigger channels.

We here at Kensho Network try to help the little guys too when it comes channel optimization, promotion or anything else. Sadly we also suffer from the stigma of bad MCN reputations and sometimes its hard to convince that we are really good option, most of the time people just go back to adsense or stop YouTube altogether once they have bad experience with YouTube Network, can’t say i really blame them for having that opinion.

  • Channel Support – Bad thing about Adsense is that you don’t have a person to contact when you have a problem, sure you can go to google forums which are awful and don’t neccessarily can help with your situation either. As for networks its really hit or miss, at Kensho we have principle of answering all emails within 24h and we do, however ive had experiences with other networks who’ve taken weeks to answer on simple matter.
  • Sponsorships & Audio Libraries – Some people aren’t really good selling themselves as content creator or maybe don’t have the neccessary connections to land on those sponsorship deals. Thats why its pretty cool that some networks can offer product sponsorships for their partners. Audio Libraries are super important for gaming and comedy channels and you don’t want to have copyrighted content on the video otherwise you can’t monetize it, thats where audio libraries come into play and offer you music thats Royalty Free. YouTube has their own too, but not all of those songs let you monetize the video however
  • Channel Promotion – Adsense is alright when you have solid following and you are ranking high on the search results however, Google/YouTube will never do any favors for you. Networks in the past may not have done absolute best job to promote their partners content, lot of this comes down to that majority of people who run these networks are underage kids. However there are multiple statistics regarding few networks tag tools optimizing channels and boosting their views at the same time, there is still lot of improvement on native promotion, but i believe this trend shall shift more once more professional people enter the scene more.
  • Scam Proof – There been cases in the past where some networks may have stolen money or never paid their partners. I Don’t want to give the image that this is very normal or anything, since every network is under googles surveilance these type of networks get shut down pretty fast and that type of activity won’t continue for very long. The most usual thing is that people just don’t read the contracts very well and get locked in 3 year contracts or other crazy shit.

Final Words

Just to summarize the point of this whole article – long as you do your research and sign into network that has lot of benefits, short term contract and reasonable revenue share +70% you will be doing much with Network than you will with Adsense. Of course this may seem biased, since indeed im writing this to my own networks website, but i’m also a content creator who had experiences with +15 different networks and been with Google adsense as well. In the end of the day it really matters what type of qualities are important to you (PayPal payments if you don’t have bank account or audio libraries etc.)

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