How to get Verified on YouTube

How to get Verified on YouTube

It took me longwhile to research how do you actually get your YouTube account verified, because there was lot of different information out there about it and after few hours i noticed that some of the info wasn’t just true and was made up. So today i would like to tell how to do it, however no method currently is 100% guarantee they rather increase your chances getting it, i would say its some type of a lottery.


1) Get Google+ Page

Your first step is to get a Google+ page and fill it with all information shown on the video basically, more stuff there is, more legit it will appear. Having a own website and domain based email will go long way, it also helps to have lot of followers in the profile so try to get people following it from your subscribers. Some people claim that having 1,000 followers on the brand will make you very likely verified in no time (Allegedly). In short more professional the page looks and more followers you have will go long way.


2) Get Subscribers to YouTube Channel

I’ve seen people with literally +100 subscribers get verified, but that is rather rare case – so having around +1,000 subscribers is a good start and your chances will go up more you will have. However there is people sitting at 80-90k subscribers and still don’t have their verification badge (probably because they haven’t done step 1). But if you are sitting under 100 subscribers, maybe its wise to wait until you have amassed more subscribers before you apply.

Youtube watch time

3) Reach 15,000 Watchime Hours

So this is one thing that really smaller channels can’t get really especially the ones that have animation niche. So you have to have a 15,000 watchtime hours in last 90 days in order to “unlock” the Contact us page in here. Once you’ve reached the hours it will appear on the menu and you need to click “YouTube Account Administration” and then proceed to click “Verify a channel“. Then it will go to a screen where you need to fill your names, email, channel url, small description and linked Google+ page. After this you will be reviewed usually within 24h whatever you will get the tick or not.


4) Wait For Response

After the process you might not get approved, if you won’t i suggest try to grow the brand by getting more followers in YouTube and Google+ and try again, most of the time once you’ve done Step #1 according to YouTube you will be automatically verified at some point (Not sure how legit is this claim however) some Video activity is expected on the channel however.

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