How to Report Stolen YouTube Videos

four-types-of-hackers-video-gamesHow to Report Stolen YouTube Videos

We have released an App that lets you report a video that has been stolen from your channel. This feature is exclusive to Kensho Network Partners and you can access it from Apps section in the Kensho Dashboard right now. This is very useful for people who are getting constantly targeted by video thiefs who try to re-upload part or full video without any permission to do so, this also applies to music that you are creating for your channel. There is three ways that our app can help you;

  • Strike – Sends a strike to this YouTube channel for stealing content that doesn’t belong to him or has no rights to use
  • Block – Pretty much makes it that it nobody can see the video anymore (I have to confirm this from the developer team)
  • Monetize – Let’s you get all the revenue that this video generates, which is probably best solution especially when they are using only part of the video or just music that you have created

The Video Claimer App lets you choose each part of the video that matches your videos content and after this our Support team takes a look at it. You can also throw in notes if there is something special you want to mention regarding the claim. If you have any questions regarding the app you can leave them on comment section down below