Should You Join A YouTube Network?

 Should You Join A YouTube Network?

In this video Benji from Video Influencers talks about if you Should You Join a MCN (Partner Network) or if multichannel networks are scams. In the video you’ll learn the pros and cons of partnership programs, contracts, and youtube networks. If you are asking the question, “Should I Join A YouTube Network” then definitely Check out this video!

  • I decided to upload this video to our networks website since its rather good video and tells lot about pros/cons about YouTube networks in general and of course its a opinion by 3rd party person whose is not affiliated with us any type of a way. If you however already decided that you want to join a YouTube network i suggest checking out what we have to offer here in Kensho ->

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In this eBook you will learn following things!

  • The Truth About Contracts
  • The Benefits Of Working with an MCN
  • The Potential Pitfalls of Working with an MCN
  • Among other cool things…

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