New YouTube Terms Of Service (ToS)

Youtube tos

New YouTube Terms Of Service (ToS)

Earlier today a New Terms of Service update was released by YouTube regarding Harassment and Cyber bullying. Lets look at these these new rules set by YouTube below

Harassment may include 

  • Abusive videos, comments, messages
  • Revealing someone’s personal information
  • Maliciously recording someone without their consent
  • Deliberately posting content in order to humiliate someone
  • Making hurtful and negative comments/videos about another person
  • Unwanted sexualization, which encompasses sexual harassment or sexual bullying in any form
  • Incitement to harass other users or creators

Tips and advice :

  • Pause before you post: Think seriously about how you may be perceived online and do not post anything that may compromise your reputation or safety.
  • Speak up: Tell friends to stop cyberbullying and voice your opinion against cyberbullying when you see it on the site.
  • Tell an adult if you remain concerned about another’s actions towards you online.
  • Try deleting comments and blocking the user if another user is bothering you, so they can’t view your videos or leave more comments. You can also turn comments off for any video or manage comments by requiring pre-approval before they get posted.
  • Respect people’s opinions online but know when it crosses the line. We want YouTube to be a dynamic and expressive platform but we do not want users to feel intimidated or threatened.
  • Report harassing users and content via YouTube’s reporting tool.

While i agree with points that you shouldn’t be able to share someones address or other personal information that may cause the harm and recording someone without them knowing is also wrong. I Do not agree with rest of the points here, its giving immunity to people “to be called out” if they have certain sexual orientation or are part of certain race/ethnicity.

Lot of these points go against America’s first amendment (Freedom Of Speech) and will limit lot of people able to roast other people or criticize certain religion for their wrong practices/ideals. The question remains, will satire criticism will be abolished too? What Happens to channels like Sargon Of Akkad, Naked Ape, ItsLeafy, iDubbz, FilthyFrank, Pyrocynical, Prank Channels and all types of content that may loosely violate the aforementioned rules.

This is rather sad day for Freedom of speech and content creators in general, depending on how fiercely YouTube will enforce these new rules. You may expect some popular and big channels get closed very soon.

  • Patrick Gerdes

    Freedom of speech doesn`t mean that bullying is allowed. You`ll still be allowed to express your opinion whoever there are channels out in the wild in which the content creators are stalking children who are playing online games and are just abusing them verbally. Harassment isn`t covered by the freedom of speech and shouldn`t be allowed.

    Was Sam Pepper just using his freedom of speech or was his most famous video a sexual assault. Personally, I would have killed him if he would have touched by wife or my son.

    There are limits for videos which are set by common sense, moral or simply laws. Youtube had to put a limit to it or would be in risk of getting some severe lawsuits from all over the world.

    • The Current new ToS won’t allow roasting either, you can’t call out people anymore for stupid shit they’ve done due to this new ToS. There is huge difference between throwing racist jokes or statements versus making actual threats or harrasment

      • Patrick Gerdes

        I’m aware of that. However, the videos which are only made to go after children are just against laws of many countries. The community (especially gaming related parts) has also become toxic if you have a look in the comments section of female Vlogger you know what I mean. Most of these items were against theT&C anywhere however keep in mind that racist jokes can violate laws of other countries. Youtube has to set a sign or wouldn’t be in Compliance anymore.

        • jokes are not against the laws in Europe, there is difference between hatespeech and banter/jokes/roasting

          • Patrick Gerdes

            Indeed there is a difference. Whoever you know the community. Germany is currently dragging many hatespeakers to court who stated to have made bad jokes. There is a line.However, at the end of the day Youtube has to react.