Sponsorships for YouTubers

SponsorsSponsorships for YouTubers

As many YouTuber’s have seen Adrevenue from videos isn’t always enough to make a living, so its always wise to find additional ways to generate revenue with your videos. One of the best ways to make that extra income is getting a Sponsor for your channel or find a commission deal to make a product review or app review for certain company.

As of late there have been multiple services that are trying to find YouTubers into their platform to get people do Product Reviews, Game Reviews, App testing for their clients. In this article i will be going through few of these services that currently exist. Make sure you check Google’s Policy about “Product Placement” here -> https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/154235?hl=en


Probably the largest Sponsorship/Brand service right now is FameBit – they currently have over 18,000 content creators at their service as of now. They have also very big brands under their system such as like Adidas, Loreal, Gamefly, Paramount, Office Depot and Marvel. They also work on other platforms such as Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Instagram, but they are mainly focused on YouTube of course. They also have a decent referral program, which grants you points and with points you can buy fancy cameras, phones, gift cards and other neat stuff.

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Another large sponsorship provider GrapeVine has everything from Beauty Products to Tech products covering pretty much multiple different genres, so no matter what type of content you create you are likely to find something for your tastes. There is not much differences between famebit and grapevine except that grapevine offers referral bonus for bringing in brands while famebit gives bonus for bringing in creators. By signing into Grapevine however you must agree with their certain policies (Which are pretty reasonable for most part).

  • Requirements:  Majority of the Campaigns require +1,000 subscribers
  • Type Of Sponsorship: Everything
  • Payment Options: PayPal
  • Join Now: https://www.grapevinelogic.com/


While Channel Pages website looks pretty good they are somewhat still in beta phase and don’t currently have that many offers going in their platform. Yet there is an option to do collabrations with other content creators (Pretty much every other similar platform has same feature however) What brings some legitimacy for them is that they are YouTube Certified and that is trustworthy sign. I think Channel Pages can become good competition long as they get the ball rolling down the hill.


Creators use MagicLinks to create ready-to-shop product links with fans across social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. When your fans click on your MagicLinks and make purchases at online retailers, you earn commissions for influencing those sales.  You can link to hundreds of millions of products at 2,000+ top retailers.

  • Requirements:  Awesome authentic creators producing high-quality content
  • Type Of Sponsorship: Authentic Social Commerce (Share links to products you love with your audience and earn income as they shop.
  • Payment Options: PayPal
  • Join Now:  https://www.magiclinks.org/rewards/referral/sugikhan/



IZEA is similar to Famebit and Grapevine it offers YouTube channels to get in touch with brands and get sponsorship deals, but top of this they also allow you to attach your Blog from wordpress for example, so if you have a website that is also an alternative way to get more revenue.

  • Requirements: None
  • Type Of Sponsorship: Everything
  • Payment Options: PayPal
  • Join Now: http://izea.com/r/23RN


If there is any tool worth paying for its Tubebuddy, this tool has helped me so much in terms of finding tags for my videos, which i wouldn’t otherwise find. Also the bulk tools really help you if you want to paste existing stuff among this you have feature to translate tags to other languages among your channel itself among its descriptions, depending on which country people visit from. Best way to get to know the app is just download the free version and if you want more benefits i recommend subscribing, since its not that expensive and offers multiple tiers.

  • Requirements:  None
  • Type Of service: High amount of data regarding your channel, trajectories, trends, tag generator and translator tool among other features
  • Payment Options: No Idea
  • Join Now: https://www.tubebuddy.com/sugi

The vidIQ App is designed to help you manage and optimize your channels.  From YouTube analytics to powerful insights that help you make better decisions, vidIQ is here to help you grow your channel. There is a chrome plugin for vidIQ also, which makes it lot easier to look stats on videos.

  • Requirements:  None
  • Type Of service: High amount of data regarding your channel, trajectories, trends, tag generator and translator tool among other features
  • Payment Options: No Idea
  • Join Now: http://www.vidiq.com/#_l_3f


console gamer

Gaming Sponsorships

Since there is multiple gaming sponsorships that borderline from Affiliate program to real sponsorship i shall just list them with links without heavy detail.  I try to update this list frequently as possible so people might be able to find something that fills their niche.

I will try to update this article frequently as possible, finding people new opportunities to create revenue.

  • Surabhi Gupta