What is YouTube MCN ?

What is YouTube MCN ?

Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs, or “ Youtube networks”) are entities that affiliate with multiple YouTube channels, often to offer content creators assistance in areas including product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development.

Whether or not to join an MCN is an important decision. You should do your homework and make the decision that works for you. Thoroughly investigate the MCN’s track record and evaluate the benefits being promised against your obligations to the network.

Considerations when joining a Multi-Channel Network

If you’re not currently a YouTube partner, you may want to learn about the benefits of becoming a individual YouTube partner, including monetization and international support. If you’re already a YouTube partner, think about whether joining an MCN is likely to improve your performance. Check out the Ad Performance reports in your YouTube Analyticsto understand your current performance as it relates to what an MCN offers.

Here are a few questions to consider when evaluating whether to join an MCN:

  • MCN value proposition: How is the MCN different from other YouTube MCNs in terms of services they’re offering, creators in the MCN, vertical focus, location, contract, and payments to you? Are their services consistent with your goals?
  • Contract: What are the terms around leaving the MCN or termination from the MCN? What is the contract length? Note that we discourage contracts that include perpetuity clauses.
  • Partner support: What type of partner support will you be receiving? Will they help you optimize your channel? Whom can you contact if you have an issue and what is the support turnaround time?
  • Promotion: How will they promote your channel? Will there be collaboration opportunities with other creators in the MCN, and how likely are you to participate in those?
  • Transparency: Will you get visibility into your earnings once you join the MCN?
  • Location/Language: Is the MCN based in your time zone and will this impact support turnaround time? Will they be able to assist you with local opportunities? Are there any language barriers?
  • Ad sales: Do they have an ad sales team for your region or vertical, and how will that benefit you?
  • Apps & Sponsorships: Will you get free subscriptions to apps or sponsorships? Or other useful promotion tools
You may wish to consult legal counsel before entering into any agreement with an MCN, so that you fully understand (1) your commitment to the network and (2) what benefits they are committing to you. Note that YouTube is not involved directly in these agreements, as they are between the MCN and you, the channel owner.

Considerations when leaving a Multi-Channel Network

Most MCN´s may ask you to enter into a binding agreement when you join. YouTube has no involvement in your agreement. If you wish to leave an MCN, you may wish to consult with your legal counsel about whether your agreement permits you to do so. YouTube is unable to provide advice regarding disputes between channel owners and MCNs. When you leave an MCN, your channel remains part of the YouTube Partner Program.

You can find additional information about YouTube MCN´s on the Creator Hub