YouCollab | Easy way to Collaborate in YouTube

YouCollab | Easy way to Collaborate in YouTube

I was reached out by the CEO of YouCollab few days ago to check out their upcoming platform that lets you Collab with other YouTubers with ease. Currently lot of the existing collab sites like Famebit or GrapevineLogic have subscriber requirements and forums arent always the best either, since they are rather focused on niches.

downloadDiscover – YouTube collaborations without any distractions. Look through potential collaboration creator and be able to fairly and accurately assess their work. Using the simple layout, make effective decisions based on location and number of subscribers, or even check out their profile.

The Profile page showcases a user’s YouTube Channel in a cohesive format allowing important information to shine with minimal clutter. This is where you flaunt your videos and interests to peak the attention of possible collaborators.

Chat System – The ability to communicate easily with fellow YouTubers and be kept up to date on upcoming collaboration opportunities.

Scanning – When face to face interactions happen offline at events, such as VidCon, the resulting exchange can be awkward and tedious. You can easily get disoriented with all the methods of contact, from loseable business cards to social media accounts with complex usernames. These diverse ways of communicating are difficult to keep track of. As a solution, each YouCollab user is given their own QR code which can be scanned to instantly match with someone else. This allows for all of your YouTube related connections to be handle with the YouCollab platform.


The App / Website should be launching somewhere around today and you can register here for free (In future it might cost you something, so seize the day)