YouTube Boycott is the End?

YouTube Boycott is the End?

Many people by now have read about Pewdiepie’s encounter with Wallstreet Journal or Jontron’s debate – you could say that these events sparked the conversation among Dinosaur Media about YouTube being a dangerous place for kids and advertisers.

After this huge wave of advertisers pulled out from YouTube, including McDonald, Pepsi-co, Coca Cola, Toyota and many others, some of them have returned now, but the situation is still very grim.

What are exactly YouTube’s current issues? 

  1. Large majority of Advertisers pulled out leading to 40-60% drop in earnings across the board all creators
  2. Channels that do controversial content without breaking YouTube’s ToS are getting demonetized and these people are not very happy about the situation.
  3. YouTube has failed to make their platform monetized, fan funding being good example
  4. YouTube Red is still not available worldwide, limited to 5 countries – a significant increase in red users could in theory replace ads altogether
  5. YouTube Red is marketed poorly and so is lot of their other aspects like YouTube Gaming, Super chat and other features that could possibly bring money back to the platform.
  6. They are unwilling to actually talk to people or communicate with them and seem to be out of touch for most part.
  7. Rise of adblock and YouTube not really combating it on the level they should

The big question here is, if advertisers are going to come back to YouTube, what is there to say they are going to pay same amount than they did before? Google may be forced to drop advertising prices down, which obviously will decrease earnings on partners as well.

  • Other solution is to launch YouTube Red globally and make paid subscription available same style as in Twitch or and that could patch some of the revenue and bring out much more sustainable model.
  • Or YouTube give bigger cut of earnings to partners instead of 55%, which is rather low compared to other platforms like Steam’s 30% or Spotify’s 15%.

If situation is not fixed lot of people will go to vimeo, DailyMotion or (I mean some of them already did) and they seem to have much better revenue models in place.