YouTube Gaming Launches

20150615161011-youtube-gaming-streamYouTube Gaming Launches

The long wait is finally over, according to reliable sources YouTube Gaming will launch tomorrow 27th of August and you are able to access it via your browser or download the app from the page.

YT calls YouTube Gaming the “go-to destination for anything and everything gaming.” It not only shows who is live streaming, but serves as a collection point for all gaming content on YouTube. YouTube Gaming automatically categorizes YouTube’sĀ gaming content and sorts it by game and by the contentĀ of video. This allows users to easily see the most popular content for their favorite game.

Core Features

  • DVR Mode that lets you rewind the stream up to 4 hours
  • Doesn’t Require Flash it all runs on HTML5
  • All Streams will be converted to VOD’s in your channel
  • A Gaming hub system for each game to browse livestreams & videos
  • Ability to choose between less viewer buffering and Optimizing for viewer interaction (low latency)
  • Fan Funding integrated to Live stream chat system

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