YouTube Gaming Sponsorships to Launch for Everyone

YouTube Gaming Sponsorships Launch for Everyone

Earlier today one of YouTube Developers gave a statement about YouTube Gaming (Streaming) sponsorships aka paid subscriptions to become available for everyone.

We’d like to give an update on our current work regarding making Sponsorships broadly available to all eligible YouTube Gaming creators.

As many know, we launched YouTube Gaming’s Sponsorships feature as a Beta for a small number of creators in Winter 2015. We selected a mix of participants, including early adopters of the platform as well as larger, established creators. Our goals were to ensure that the feature offered a positive end-to-end experience — including elements like the sign-up flow, MCN support, purchasing, etc. — and ensure good value for creators and viewers, via features like Sponsorship badges and Sponsors-only live chat.

While we made good progress on many of these elements in 2016, the strongest message we heard from creators was that adding more value for viewers would be key to the success of Sponsorship success. The Sponsorship badge in live chat is simply not enough to retain Sponsors month after month.

Rather than launch a product that would leave many creators frustrated with low uptake, we knew we needed to add more value — and you told us exactly what to build:

Custom Emojis – You asked for it, we’re working on it! We want your viewers to have access to something they can use in chat to show their support for you and help you build your community.

Custom emojis necessitated a backend overhaul to improve the whole YouTube live chat system (which also allowed for new features like Super Chat)! We now have the underlying technical support for new emoji in live chat and are implementing full custom emoji support for creators with access to Sponsorships.

At this time, we expect that Sponsorships will initially be made available with the same requirements as Super Chat (1000 subscribers and the ability to agree to the Content Commerce Addendum); however, available countries at launch may differ from those in which Super Chat is available.

AND, we expect to fully launch Sponsorships + custom emojis this year!

Now, we also know that many creators have joined YouTube Gaming in the past year, and are interested in providing feedback on our Beta as we work towards launch.

When we are ready to Beta test custom emojis, we will make the feature available to our existing Sponsorships Beta testers, as well as invite some additional participants. If you would like to be considered for access to the Beta program, please fill out this form!

While this is great news for everyone who are looking for some extra revenue on YouTube, its still rather vague to say “this year” so we don’t really know when this thing is going to launch. Also i’m very worried how many people will actually get access to it, since like YouTube red which have been only available at like 5 countries, its rather bad.