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For those who are interested what is difference between Affiliate Partner and Managed Partner in YouTube, i shall explain it on this post pretty much. As for those who are interested in Managed Partnership with Kensho, the requirement is to have 50,000 subscribers, No copyrighted Content and No Gameplay-Only videos pretty much, of course you get 95% revenue share among other benefits that are listed in Partnership Page. I Suggest contacting us with email for more info about managed partnership benefits and contract itself.

What is an affiliate partnership?

An affiliate partnership means a few things. They are listed below in no particular order.

  1. Affiliate partnerships are subject to monetization review from YouTube. This means that as soon as a video goes live it could take up to 72 hours for the video to be monetized.
  2. Channel’s with affiliate partnerships are subject to content ID sweeps from YouTube’s copyright content ID systems meaning it is possible for them to get an unjust copyright claim.
  3. Networks are not held responsible if an affiliate channel gets a copyright strike from a company.

What is a managed partnership?

A managed partnership has a few more benefits than an affiliate partnership with more liability held by the network. Exactly what a managed partner gets is listed below.

  1. Managed partnerships ARE NOT subject to monetization review meaning that as soon as videos go live, they are monetized.
  2. Managed channels are not subject to content ID sweeps meaning that they cannot get hit with false or undeserving copyright claims. All claims on managed channels must be done by a human working for the company making the claim.
  3. Networks are held responsible if a managed channel gets a copyright strike. The network could get fined, or at worst, lose the entire network all together. Thus, managed partnerships are very exclusive.

If something is still unclear about Managed and Affiliate Partnership please leave a comment down below about it and we answer on timely manner!