YouTube Partnership

YouTube Partnership

If you are looking to get into a YouTube Network that is serious about working with their partners, then you are in the right place. Scalelab is team of people who have been working on YouTube and other media industries for quite some time. They can offer multiple great opportunities, benefits and tools for you to become the next big thing on YouTube.

This is a different contract from ScaleLab’s main page, which offers you higher revenue share and shorter contract for you. 


  • 10,000 Views lifetime views and at least 5,000 monthly views
  • 500 Subscribers
  • No Copyrighted Content or Strikes
  • At-least 4 videos on the channel
  • Fan Funding disabled (You can enable it again after it becomes globally available)

Partner Benefits

  • 80% Revenue Share (can grow to 95%) 
  • No-Lock in contract (Meaning you can leave the network with 30 day notice)
  • Free Access to Epoxy
  • Free Access to VidIQ Pro 
  • Free Access to Outromaker 
  • Free Access to Audio Micro & Epidemic Sound libraries filled with royalty free Music
  • Premium Access to Spreadshirt make your own t-shirts and other apparel!
  • Payments in PayPal, Yandex Money, ePayments, Direct Deposit (US) & Check
  • Referral Program that can earn you extra income!
  • Amazing Dashboard With Detailed Statistics & Tools to help you!

 Join Here –

  • No chances for the progressive/higher revenue share anymore?

    • Those are still on the table for old and new partners.

  • ilangKumaran Kandasamy

    Revenue share is 80 – 20% that is 80 for us and 20 for Scale lab? Am i right?

    • yes

    • yes

      • I just got 70% revenue share from scalelab and I’ve applied yesterday

        • yeah you applied via wrong link

          • Randomguy

            Dude, this website is a scam buddy lmao

          • any sources on that?