YouTube Red – Adfree Subscription Model

YouTube Red – Adfree Subscription Model

Not even one hour ago – YouTube announced their new service called YouTube Red which is essentially a monthly subscription service that lets you view the platform adfree on mobile, tablet or desktop. It will cost 9,99$ per month and it also lets you save videos and songs to your mobile device and watch them offline along you can play music on background while having other apps on.

YouTube Red will launch in 28th of October in USA apparently only and i believe rest world will follow at some point. However according to sources Adblock won’t be working on YouTube after 28th and i understand why YouTube is doing this, however multiple people from different countries can’t buy the alternative, which is ironic to be honest. Since you want to appeal to adblock users in the first place.

Out of 9,99$ a 55% will be split between partners and i will do exclusive video at Kensho Channel explaining how does that actually work and how this is a good thing. Here is a proper explanation how does the math work on the partners benefits side of things –

Benefits of Subscribing to YouTube Red

  • Support your favorite content creators by generating them more revenue
  • View Videos & Music offline with Tablets & Mobile devices
  • Zero ads seen on Videos and Also in YouTube Gaming streams
  • Listen music/videos on background at mobile devices having other apps on
  • Google Play Music Access
  • Exclusive access to Movies & series created by Top YouTubers (Red Originals)
  • Other stuff maybe in future??? YouTube Red badge please…

The YouTube Red will start with a one month trial at start, but i’m not sure will it actually generate revenue for partners however if people are using it on trial. If you want to support content creators and industry i recommend truly to atleast give it a try for few months.