YouTube Streaming Guide

YouTube Streaming Guide

Now that YouTube Gaming has launched there is bunch of people who are looking into jumping the streaming business. So i decided to help out our partners and other people who are looking into start streaming on YouTube Gaming or just normal YouTube. (Guide subject to update given any changes made by YouTube)

Step #1

For starters you need a program that is able to livestream to YouTube, for now there isn’t that many programs that let you do that, but i highly recommend getting OBS if not that you can choose between Wirecast, Xsplit and Evolv3. Usually these programs don’t take that much disk space and don’t require that many plugins if not any.

Step #2

Enable Livestream

After you have downloaded your streaming program we must head into YouTube Dashboard to enable Livestreaming. It might require you to verify your account with phone, after this you have to accepts terms & service of the YT livestream. (If you have copyright strikes or bad standing you are not able to stream at YouTube until they expire).

Step #3

Youtube encoder

Next up we open the livestream page and scroll down to the very bottom to find encoder setup. Depending on what program you are using it may ask you for the both fields listed here. Hit the reveal button to get your stream key and copy it.

Step #4


Since i prefer OBS and its most popular of the programs i decided it would be best continue guide with that (In future i might do Xsplit variation). So we have to open OBS and hit settings  and through there we find the tab called Broadcast Settings. First we have to set mode to Live stream instead of local recording, then we change streaming service to YouTube. As for FMS i suggest keeping it at Primary ingest, but in case you run into problems you can choose the 2nd one. Insert the Stream key that we copied from Step #2 to the field. Optionally you can check the box “Automatically save the stream to file” if you wish but this will drain more power from PC and afterall you get the VOD into YouTube anyways.

Step #5

Make sure you check the Audio tab to setup your microphone if you will be using one while streaming. Also you are able to set hotkeys for switching scenes and ending/starting streams from hotkeys section. From Encoding tab you should set your bitrates and audio encoding, more info about those here. Also there is good bitrate calculator at OBS website Finally you want to set resolution at Video tab, usually if the video skips hard on stream that means you should downscale it, also i don’t suggest streaming above ~60 FPS

Step #6


Finally we have to add a scene in the main front of OBS, i usually have one or two for  different slide shows or breaks. Then we right click and add source into OBS, this is where we throw Game Capture for the game we are about to stream. Sometimes you have to run OBS in admin mode in order to capture certain games.

Step #7 (Optional)

Offline stream

We are about to be ready now we just have to setup the last settings to get better quality stream. For starters you might want to use thumbnail for the stream, this enables you to stand out from the crowd or promote the stuff you are streaming better. You are able to change thumbnails while streaming, it may take around few seconds until it updates it though.

Step #8

Youtube livestream settings

There are multiple settings in the stream tabs, which enable you to customize the broadcast to more your liking. Enabling DVR lets viewers rewind the stream up to 4 hours, which is pretty neat. Also you got option to increase or decrease sync delay with the chat, top of this you can set added delay if you want to avoid ghosting. Of course we have the Monetization tab which lets you play ads at stream and get revenue for that, but you have to be Adsense Partner or join a Network like Kensho. Finally there is cards that let you feature a website, playlist or another streamer perhaps at your stream.

Step #9

set game

In order to appear on YouTube Gaming Live Directory you have to set your game from the list. It may take around 10-20 minutes in order that YT Gaming updates you to the list, so please be patient until you get listed. Granted there isn’t absolutely every game in the world there, but you are bound to find all big games atleast and some of the older titles, had some issues finding certain remakes.

Step #10


Finally there is some cool and important stuff you can set on advanced settings such as promoting the content when its live via channel page and promoted material when people are watching your videos while you are live. Also i suggest removing peoples ability to vote or downvote the stream.

Step #11


All you gotta do is push Start Streaming at OBS and you will be in air matter of seconds. As what comes to the stream delay and chat moderators i suggest checking the video out where i explain those parts better. If you have any questions i suggest leaving them to the comments section of the video or this article.