YouTube Sub-Networks Closing Down

YouTube Sub-Networks Closing Down ?

There has been rumors since yesterday regarding YouTube trying to close down Sub-networks like Kensho and others.  However after carefully researching my sources this proves to be false information. It all started when Creative Nation send out emails that they would be closing their sub-network program and everyone else assumed that this would involve lot of other sub-network runners like Freedom!, Scalelab, Bent Pixels and others.

However it turned out only Creative Nation got themselves into this issue and seem to be only ones who are getting disciplinary action by YouTube so far. I guess was this bound to happen since there´s been pictures flying around Creative Nation embezzling money and avoiding taxes, god knows what else they have been doing.

befd837052eaed5fbc2a883a4a853c60After talking to my manager and him sending email to all sub-networks in ScaleLab it pretty much confirmed that we won´t be having any issues regarding this problem that faced Creative nation and possible other MCN´s. I feel bad for people running sub-networks in creative nation and i would be happy to take some of them as recruiters to Kensho if they are interested (Just reach out to by sending mail to [email protected])

But to pretty much put it down to simple words, its business as usual and you have nothing to worry about for now, unless YouTube decides to change things regarding how things are ran. I hope in future lot networks will be restricting Sub-network applications more and won´t be letting all types of people run networks.

EDIT: YouTube Added new policy to their ToS and now all sub-networks must close down.