YouTube Thumbnail Templates

YouTube Thumbnail Templates

For people who may not have best artistic skills there is always an option to find already made Thumbnail templates which contain custom fonts and nice overlays that people can work with. For those who are keen on learning to make easy thumbnails check the tutorial above, if not continue reading.

So there is multiple sources where you can find thumbnail templates varying from sites that may charge you such as Dribbble or EnvatoMarket. Luckikly there are bunch of YouTubers who do this stuff for free among them there is a great guy who runs a website called ThumbTemps, which has ton of great thumbnails for free download.

Things to know about YouTube Thumbnails

There is few important stuff you need to know when it comes to making own thumbnails or someone elses template!

  • So that the thumbnail will fit perfectly on Youtube it has to be either 1920×1080 on 1280×720 to get best results
  • Always try to use high quality images that aren’t blurry or just small in size
  • Videos with Thumbnail are 90% more likely to perform better than videos don’t have one.
  • Some of the Thumbnail templates may require a credit on the video if you are going to use their template (Don’t be a douche)
  • YouTube may issue strike on people who use clickbait or false thumbnails that can be misleading (people are able to report videos for that)
  • Using images that have watermarks or copyright may get you into trouble, try to use fair use images or ask permission to use them
  • YouTube Supports PNG, JPEG and TIF files when it comes to image types.

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